About Us

Designs by Queen Stylist was founded by Lourdes and Lizeth Reyes in Honduras and now has expanded!

It was a dream that began because we both loved to wear different and exotic pieces. But when we were looking for accessories or jewelry it became difficult to find pieces that would fit our style, so we began to create our accessories. We were always asked where we got them from and that's when we decided to start selling them.

When we were thinking of a name we decided to call our brand "Queens" in honor of our mother, named Reyna, since it's because of her that we inherited this gift of always wanting to undertake creativity, and the strength to believe in your dreams. Designs by Queen is a brand aimed at empowering women, with a marked style of authenticity and where each queen will be the center of attention wherever they go with their unique pieces.

Our brand is characterized by the production of sustainable jewelry, rescuing the legacy of the art of wood carving by Honduran hands, and offering quality for life through our mahogany and cedar pieces that we transform by being recycled and turning them into a work of art. Always adding our authentic touch with semi-precious gemstones.


We are here for you, if you have any questions or special request please message us below!